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#BBNaija: Highlights from July 25 2020

Check out the highlights from yesterdays events in the Big Brother Naija house. From funny tweets to passing clips, you name it. We have it all here.

At beginning of the party twitter users took to their timelines to display their anger towards Grammy Nominated Music Producer "Sarz".

It all started off with a 5 minute period during which "Joeboy Pon Deck" was played on loop. It is understandable why this would frustrate people. Mazi Ibe on the other hand, saw it in a positive light and was able to provide some entertainment for the timeline.

The mishap which appeared to be a result of a lapse in judgement, was later clarified by Sarz himself. Sarz explained that the music problems were caused by a technological failure which was ultimately out of his control.

Check out some other funny tweets below. Keep up with the action by using the hastag #BBNaija.

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