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Meet #CopaFemme: An energetic women's sports organization that's one of a kind

Copa Femme is an all-girls sports tournament in Lagos, Nigeria. They are a non-profit organisation that creates a safe and encouraging space for girls and women in Nigeria to express their athletic skills and be celebrated.

"At CopaFemme we have 4 main goals:
• Break the stereotype of girls in sports: We aim to break the stereotype that women are not equipped for sports through creating a platform for them to show their skills.
• Celebrate talented girls in sports: We aim to celebrate talented girls in sports through acknowledging them and giving awards.
• Raise money for charity: We aim to support various female-focused causes in Nigeria and all profits generated will be donated to charity.
• Make people have fun: We aim to create a space for people to have fun either through playing in the tournament or spectating.
Due to Covid 19 pandemic we were unable to host our second annual event; However, we aim to reach two of our major aims and which is make girls have fun and to give to charity. This is why we are hosting an online competition for females to participate in."

- Copa Femme

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