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New Music: Straffiti X Buju - Everywhere

Repost from culture custodian**

Straffitti’s interpretation of nonconformism through his music always comes as a jolt of a surprise considering lyricism, delivery, and performance among others and his latest release, Everywhere is no different. In fact, with a nod to the mainstream by the way of a stellar Buju feature, it’s a bit more surprising that it does not dance to the tune of popular music for even a second.

Performed over a xylophone inspired instrumental, Everywhere sets the stage for a hedonic unpacking of graphically defined intense feelings interpreted as a parallel but somehow harmonized offering. Rough around the edges, Straffitti’s delivery is the jagged side to Buju’s silky plane of performance but when combined, the duo presents the kind of distorted harmony that will get their listeners in their feelings in no time.

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