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Six afro-fusion songs to get you through another week of panic/uncertainty.

In the midst of all the chaos and panic in the world today, one thing we can all agree on is that we need to feed our minds with quality content that keeps us mentally healthy. This playlist has been prepared for individuals looking for rest and relaxation. Here are six soothing afro-fusion songs to get you through another week of isolation.

1. Tomi Thomas – Shaken

"I hope you make it through the ages Overcome temptations Pleasant celebrations – brations I pray that I may not be shaken Though my heart is breaking."

Although I have listened to Tomi Thomas for quite a while now, no song speaks to me in the way that this one does. Tomi Thomas delivered well-crafted melodies and riffs over an afro-fusion instrumental and executed it in a way that has never been seen before. For a long time, I would ask myself why I love this song so much. Now I can see that my love for the record stemmed from the fact that the lyrics alone helped me get through quite turbulent/rough times. One cannot end without recognizing the magnificent producer “Spax” who laced a fantastic instrumental with a phenomenal musical arrangement.

2. Ogranya & Efya – Wicked Somebody

"You’re just a wicked somebody (wicked somebody)

You’re just a wicked somebody I swear

You’re just a wicked somebody (wicked somebody)

You’re just a wicked somebody"

In my opinion, Ogranya is one of the most underrated and under-appreciated artists we have seen (after Wande Coal). The first time I ever stumbled upon a song of his I was thoroughly flabbergasted. I still wonder how a human being is able to compose such breathtaking falsettos. Accompanied by Efya, Ogranya was able to tell a story about a former lover who clearly took him for granted.

3. DJ Sean Ft Raysmuzik – Badda Man

"Say she wan know me ‘cause she know I carry cash oh

When we step inna di place yeah the cameras flashing"

This song has been in my playlist for years but it never feels old. We all have to appreciate Raysmuzik for this one. He is a very talented individual and I haven’t seen an artist who has a songwriting style similar to his in the entire continent. In an industry where we favor commercial music, it is always beautiful to see meaningful songs such as these hit the public domain. Major respect to Dj sean for continuing to push the dj movement. A lot of people may not understand what it is to push a major record as a dj.

“Dj’s never sing anything so why do they own the record?”

This is a question I will answer in a future post where I documentthe lives of the djs who play our favorite music.

4. Melvitto – Stay (feat. Gabzy

"She tell me she feeling me She tell me she wan follow me to the corner"

Whenever someone is trying to explain the concept that simplicity is key, this song should be used for reference. With such simple instrumentation, this song is able to hold its replay value. Melvitto and Gabzy give us soothing vibes that we all definitely need during these times. If this song doesn’t calm you down, then you can call me a liar.

5. Masego – Queen Tings

"I'll pick you up, pick you up

And put you on ya throne (You were made to reign girl)

Sunshine in my world

I do it all 'cus you my queen"

First of all, I would like to make a big shout out to my good friend Jeremy (Founder of Native Shutters), for introducing me to Masego in 2018. From his YouTube performance of “Tadow”, to his extensive catalogue and virtuosic saxophone parts, Masego has proven that he is here to stay. As with most of these songs, there’s really not much else to say on it. I will let the music do the talking. Sit back and enjoy the vibes.

6. Ya Levis – Mbangu Te

"Eza bolingo mbangu te

Mbangu te eee

To kende pepelee, pepeleee

Pourquoi a cours tu veux pas me prouver ton amour"

While I know most of these songs are from Nigeria, I would like to highlight a Congolese act who has blessed the afro-fusion/afrobeats movement with a plethora of songs. Ya Levis aka Prince Nemala gives us a song in his mother tongue in which he proclaims his love for someone. The sound soothes the ears no matter the time of day or location. Make sure to definitely add this one to your regular rotation.

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